Thursday, 15 February 2018

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 8 - The Results

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post the results of my week long Cabbage Soup Diet.  Unfortunately we found 2 suspicious growths on my dog (a gorgeous wrinkly Shar Pei), and he has been back and forth from the vets having them removed.  They are being tested at the lab and I will find out this week if they are cancerous or benign.  I've been on such a journey with my dog, since we were both involved in the nasty dog attack in 2011, and we have such a bond.  I've felt so devastated this last few weeks and I'm praying for a good result for him.

In the meantime, the stress of that situation has unfortunately not made me lose my appetite!  Before I get onto that, let me share with you the results of my cabbage soup diet;

Weight Before; 213.2lbs. Weight after; 207.6lbs (-5.6lbs)
Waist before; 38 inches. Waist after; 38 inches (-0)
Bust before; 44 inches. Bust after; 44 inches (-0)
Hips before; 47 inches. Hips after; 45.5 inches (-1.5 inches)
Tops of arm before; 15 inches.  Top of arm after; 14.5 inches (-0.5 inches)
Tops of thigh before; 26 inches. Top of thigh after; 25.5 inches (-0.5 inches)

Ok, so let me start by saying I didn't lose quite as much as I hoped BUT what on earth do I expect when I did cheat a little on the diet (remember the buffet on day 7!!).  So all in all I'm quite pleased.  I didn't lose anything off of my bust but I'm sure hubby won't be complaining about that.  I lost a good amount off my big old hips and some off my arms and thighs.  Would I do it again?  Yes, I think I would.  It has always been the fail-safe diet that I have resorted to after a mammoth eating session such as Christmas or holidays.  If I were to to do it again though I wouldn't bother making the cabbage soup.  I realised I detest the stuff and could only eat it on day one, so it was one hell of a waste of ingredients.  If I were to do it again I would buy low fat cuppa soups and just drink those.  I know the nutritional values aren't there but I would be eating plenty of veg and other good stuff throughout the rest of the diet.

Since the end of the diet my weight has pretty much floated around the same.  I went on to try the much hyped Raspberry Ketones pills (as talked about on the Dr Oz show).  At first I did find that these were keeping my weight steady even if I was pigging out, but I wasn't particularly loosing any on them.  I know its my own fault though because I should be combining the tablets with healthy eating and exercise which I haven't really been doing.  Instead I have been trying to do feast and famine days, which is working well but I think I eat so much on feast day that throughout the week my weight just maintains rather than loosing any.

Before I got married in 2011 I used Alli Weight Loss Capsules to lose a whole load of weight (a couple of stone in total).  They were like a little wonder pill for me.  They didn't come without their side effects though.  I had many a time of a 'little accident', and wearing pale trousers become a total no-no.  But they did work; and I was more than happy to sign myself up to a few months of little mishaps in my mission to be a skinny minny, and it worked!  The reason I am not taking them now is the price of them.  After the dog attack I'm unable to work and just sell a few bits on ebay, so paying the £40 or so per month has been out of reach for me.  But when I have finished my current box of Raspberry Ketones I'm going to somehow find the money and bite the bullet and buy some Alli Weight Loss Capsules.  I've been all round the houses and I think I just need to resort back to the thing that I know will do the trick.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 7

Finally onto day 7 of the Cabbage Soup Diet.  I didn't think the end of this diet would ever come.  It's been tough going for me; mainly, I think, because I couldn't face eating the cabbage soup so have pretty much been on a starvation diet.  I seemed to find this diet easier in my younger years.  I think as I get older I just don't find starvation quite as easy!  Plus, now I'm settled down , married and 'comfortable' I don't seem to have such a drive to be stick thin.

With all that in mind I TOTALLY FAILED TODAY.  As you know from my Day 6 blog, I attended a funeral today.  I was running late so had a small bowl of Fruit & Fibre with skimmed milk for breakfast.  Damn those flakes tasted goooooooooood.  That was the first 'fail' of the day.  I wanted food in my belly though in readiness for the emotion of the funeral. After the funeral service the wake was held at the local Hilton Hotel.  There was a lovely buffet laid out, including pasta salad, feta salad, wraps, sandwiches, rolls and hot Indian selection.  I'm salivating just typing about it now.  Needless to say, I didn't resist.  I do think my skinny guardian angel was looking down because when I got to the front of the buffet queue all the dinner plates had ran out so I had to use a tea saucer.  A tiny plate meant I couldn't over-indulge.  I managed to squeeze on a wrap, a roll and some salad, along with a samosa.  After 7 days of fruit and vegetables I enjoyed every morsel.  The funeral did also put it in perspective; here's me worrying about a cheese roll and someone has just buried their mum.

With that being my second 'fail' of the day, I thought 'what the heck' and went on to have a dinner of cheesy chips from the chip shop van.  Wow they were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  I hadn't prepared myself for the after affects though!  How dumb could I be!  I had spend 7 days of starving myself and then go and get the greasiest food I could find.  It hit me real hard.  My sides were splitting, I had pains all down my back and I was trying to make myself sick just to feel better again.  See, my inner fat girl psyche just never learns.  

It's weigh in tomorrow morning.  I used to lose around 10 pounds on this diet but with my epic fails today I would be happy with around 7 pounds.  We shall see.  Following this diet I'm going onto the Feast and Famine diet which involves intermittent fasting (one day on and one day off).  Ok, so I may starve one day but knowing I can eat the next day, surely it can't be that difficult.  I'll be combining it with the new hyped wonder pill - Raspberry Ketone. If anyone has used Raspberry Ketone I would love to hear about it.  May be too good to be true but I'm up for trying anything.   So watch this space for my weight loss stats following this 7 day Cabbage Soup Diet and my diet plan going forward.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 6

I'm onto day 6 of the Cabbage Soup diet and am so excited to be nearing the end.  One thing I can truly say is that it has re-educated me.  It has made me realise just how much my diet centres around Carbohydrates.  I just never feel full unless eating bread, potato, rice or pasta and I know this is something that I need to change going forward.

I'm allowed to eat unlimited beef, vegetables and cabbage soup today.  As a vegetarian I substitute the beef for either vegetarian sausages, vegetarian burgers or quorn pieces.  Breakfast was a delight.  I had 2 vegetarian burgers, half a tin of chopped tomatoes and mushrooms.  It was like a good old fashioned fry up and I wolfed it down in about 2 minutes.  This is another problems of mine.  I eat so damn quick.  I have been trying to chew my food 20 times before swallowing but i'm so hungry on this plan that i'm swallowing without hardly chewing at all.

My nice hot breakfast kept me going til dinner time.  I was feeling so low in energy and mood (I think I'm just sick to death of this diet by now), that, like many evenings on this plan, I couldn't be bothered to get creative.  I asked hubby to stick 2 veggies sausages and one veggie burger into the oven for me and that's all I had, with a dollop of yellow mustard.

The hunger truly set in by 11pm and I couldn't shake the thought of cheating..........and I'm sad to say that I did.  I had 2 cream crackers with some Philadelphia Extra Light Soft cheese spread on the top.  Boy did I enjoy those crackers.  I'm annoyed with myself that I cracked, especially 6 days in, but I need to put it behind me.  I'm going to a funeral tomorrow and that puts things into perspective.   Life and death is much more important that 2 little crackers (although why can't I shake this feeling of guilt).

When I lay in bed I couldn't sleep and started to google weight loss ideas - this is becoming a bit of a hobby of mine of late!  I came across Raspberry Ketones - a 'so called' miracle fat burner pill.  These Raspberry Ketone pills had featured on an American TV show by Doctor Oz and hype swept America with all stores selling out.  I was reading up on Raspberry Ketones for 3 hours and didn't get to sleep until 3am.  Some people had took them and felt no benefit, but quite a few were talking of remarkable weight loss.  I do love a good fad so swiftly ordered some Raspberry Ketones from Amazon. Worth a shot!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 5

 I'm onto Day 5 of the Cabbage Soup Diet.  Today is a day I have been very much looking forward to as I get some 'real' food.  It's beef and tomato day so I'm allowed to eat fresh tomatoes and 10-20 ounces of beef.  I'm vegetarian so will be substituting the beef for vegetarian sausages.

Vegetarian sausages and chopped tomato breakfast
I woke with a spring in my step at the thought of a lovely hot breakfast.  I didn't have any fresh tomatoes so opted for tinned tomatoes instead (I can't see that it would make much of a difference).  For breakfast I had 2 vegetarian sausages with half a tin of warmed chopped tomatoes and a bit of brown sauce.  This is probably the best breakfast so far.  Lovely, tasty and filling.  So much so that it kept me going until dinner time.

I've always thought with this diet that days 1-4 are absolute starvation but then days 5-7 are much much better.  I wonder if this is done to slowly reintroduce foods into your diet on days 5-7 so your body doesn't go into total melt-down mode.  Either way, I was feeling like the rest of this diet may be fairly easy.

Sausage surprise!
For dinner I chucked some tinned tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion and courgette into a pan, with garlic, paprika, balsamic vinegar and a touch of chilli powder.  I cooked it through and then added some sliced cooked vegetarian sausages, which I had been cooking separately in the oven.  I know that the plan says I should only have 'beef' and tomato but I decided to add the extra veg to the pan as I've not been eating the Cabbage Soup and if I had been that would have contained the same vegetables.  I made a huge portion and ate the lot.  I even felt guilty after this meal as it was really filling.  It goes to show how much my stomach has shrunk as normally I would have needed pasta or bread with a meal like this to even feel slightly full.

I'm nearing the end now and am so excited about weigh in day.  I think any loss of 7lb or over will suit me just fine.

There is though a day that has been on my mind since I began this eating plan, and that is day 7.  On day 7 I have to attend a funeral.  It is a very sad set of circumstances in that my best friend's mum died just a week before Christmas.  It has been a very sad time and really puts all of this dieting malarkey into perspective.  Anyhow, the wake is being held at the Hilton Hotel and there will be a big buffet lunch.  Buffets are my absolute downfall and all week I've toyed with whether I will eat some buffet or not.  I'm still thinking on that point.  I don't want to throw 7 days of dieting down the pan, but equally when food is out and in front of me that's when I find it the hardest.  I managed to resist Mum-in-Law's birthday buffet on day one so I'm sure I can do it again.  Then I feel like a terrible person for even thinking about grub on such a very sad day!  Food obsessed - that's my problem.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 4

I wasn't particularly looking forward to day 4 of the Cabbage Soup Diet as, in my eyes, it is the worst day of the diet as all you are allowed to consume is bananas and skimmed milk.  You can also eat as much of the Cabbage Soup as you wish but I gave up on the soup on day one!

I still haven't hit the scales again since day two, but I do definitely feel slimmer.  There's some more room in my clothes, and these are clothes that were tight on me before I began this diet plan.  I'm now over half way through the diet and am so proud to have made it this far.  I really thought I would struggle today but actually it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I think my body is so used to being starved by now that I just don't feel it so much.

Banana Smoothie
A day of bananas and milk seemed pretty glum so to make it a bit more exciting I decided on a banana smoothie for breakfast.  I threw 2 bananas, a pint of skimmed milk, a few ice cubes and a drop of vanilla essence into my my smoothie maker, gave it a whizz and it made a nice frothy smoothie.  I found this filling as a breakfast and also it helped dampen some of the sweet cravings I have been having.  Unfortunately though my bananas were still a bit green and therefore I could taste that 'unripe' banana taste when drinking the smoothie.  I think if I were to do this again I would make sure the bananas were nice and ripe.

As I've not been able to face my own Cabbage Soup (which is pretty darn annoying as that is supposed to be the staple of this diet plan!), I decided to buy some Slim-A-Soup sachets from the shop.  The ones I purchased have no croutons, are vegetable based and are just 60 calories per mug.  I can stomach a cuppa soup but cannot face the cabbage soup so decided on substituting with these cuppa soup sachets.   So for lunch, I had a mug of vegetable cuppa soup along with a couple of bananas.  It was nice to have something hot and tasty, and it got me through until dinner time.

Dinner was another banana smoothie but I struggled drinking this one.  I think I was just sick of bananas.  I downed it in one, just to feel the fullness of it rather than to taste and enjoy it.  I also put some of the mixture into a tupperware in the freezer to make ice cream.  I waited for 2 hours salivating at the thought of my banana ice cream.  Unfortunately it wasn't to be (sad face).  When I got it out of the freezer it had gone grey / brown in colour and tasted awful.  Was worth a try though.

I went to bed with a pint of water and with lots of happy thoughts as tomorrow I get to have a VEGGIE SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!! I have never been so thrilled about a veggie sausage in my life.  Officially tomorrow is 'beef and tomato' day but as I'm vegetarian I'm going to substitute beef for veggie sausages and will have 2 for breakfast.  Cannot wait!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 3

I'm onto Day 3 of the Cabbage Soup Diet.  How I have managed it I do not know.  Today is the day I can eat unlimited fruit, unlimited vegetables and as much Cabbage Soup as I wish.  I may be able to eat unlimited soup but I just can't stomach the stuff.  I ate a few bowls on day one and since then I just can't bring myself to eat it so it has sat in the fridge in a tupperware.

My clothes are feeling a little loser.  I went on the scales yesterday and had lost some weight but I'm determined not to go on the scales again until the end of the diet.

My craving for sweet stuff really set in today.  So much so that I went off plan a little in the morning by making myself a smoothie for breakfast.  I used a tin of pineapple chunks with a pint of skimmed milk and some ice and blitzed it in my Smoothie Maker. One thing I can say for this diet plan is that it has meant I have dusted off some old kitchen gadgets and put them to good use!  The pineapple was on plan but the pint of milk wasn't.  Oh well, it tasted good and lessened my craving for sweet stuff which is exactly what I had aimed for.

I did feel full after the smoothie and had to then venture out to the shops for some bananas (for day 4 of the diet).  It's amazing how a little wander around Waitrose made me feel soooooooooo hungry!  The smells of baked bread and the sight of gorgeous little cakey things was nearly a temptation too far.  But I grabbed my 'nanas and made a dash home, with thoughts of what yummy lunch I could possibly make myself out of just vegetables.

Chunky mushroom salad for lunch
As a vegetarian I love mushrooms anyway, and  thick flat mushrooms can really add some texture to any dish.  Therefore I hit upon the idea of a bed of salad for lunch, topped with some chunky grilled mushroom.  I sprayed a little fry-lite onto 2 large flat mushrooms, sprinkled with a vegetable oxo cube and grilled until cooked.  I made a salad of lettuce, tomato, celery cucumber and pepper and placed the cooked mushroom on top.  I allowed myself a tiny amount of fat free vinaigrette.  Those mushrooms were damn good, so all in all a pretty successful lunch.

I do find with the diet that you do get an instant feeling of fullness but that it doesn't last too long.  I must have found some energy from somewhere as when hubby was due home I set about cooking him an absolute feast for dinner; faggots, potato gratin, sprouts, carrots and cheese sauce.  Perhaps knowing I couldn't actually EAT anything yummy made me feel the need to cook it instead.  Either way, hubby loved it and I salivated as I watched him eat every bite.

After my efforts in the kitchen for hubby I was feeling tired and just couldn't face trying to get creative for my own dinner.  I couldn't face the cabbage soup either and just decided to go without.  I lay on the sofa with a blanket with a rumbling tummy for the rest of the evening.  Perhaps this is how the diet really works!... Perhaps it makes you so sick of everything that you are allowed to eat, that you decide to starve yourself instead!

Either way, I went to bed tired and hungry and dreading the next day which is quite simply bananas and skimmed milk ALL DAY!  I've already decided to make the bananas and milk into smoothies but I know it is going to be a toughie.  Onwards and updwards.  Hopefully this will all be worth it.